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Mistura: Celebrating 10 years
15 Jun 2017, 03:53

Mistura, Latin America’s leading gastronomy fair and which brings together some 400,000 visitors every year, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017. We want to celebrate this milestone in a very special way. First, we propose to renew the fair and rethink the design of the fair grounds to create a warmer atmosphere that is more closely linked to the people and to Peruvian culture.

We will also be including new attractions. To achieve this, we have the commitment of a movement of young cooks who will propose innovative initiatives that will surprise our visitors.

Healthy eating will be a central theme at Mistura 2017. We hope to welcome stars like Jamie Oliver or the Mexican chef Alfredo Oropeza. As in previous years, we will feature guest countries and world renowned chefs. Our proposal at Mistura 2017 for healthy eating will be closely linked to our country’s biodiversity (one of the five mega-diverse regions in the world), which supplies us with a unique pantry of products that are a huge potential for providing the population with a quality diet (including native potatoes, Andean grains, tarwi, legumes, hot peppers, and fruits such as grenadine, avocado, etc; plus fish and shellfish, algae, or alpaca and guinea pig).

Peruvian cacao, chocolate and coffee are gaining recognition worldwide and deserve their own pavilion where the public will have the opportunity to experience different flavors and learn the history, varieties and development processes.


A new attraction we are creating this year is a pavilion for the wines, cheese, hams and breads of Peru where visitors will be able to sample these promotional products.

And for the first time there will also be an area offering soups of all kinds from the different regions of Peru — broths, bisques, chowders and puree soups.

The Grand Market, with small farmers from all over the country, will feature a wholly new design and will be stocked with an excellent and varied selection of agricultural products that are typical to the various regions of Peru and the country’s rich biodiversity. The Grand Market has a kitchen in which the best known Peruvian chefs and masters of popular and country cuisine prepare healthy foods with the signature products brought the different regions in the country.

We will also have a pavilion, in alliance with the state’s Let’s Eat Fish program, featuring delicious and nutritious fish and shellfish dishes prepared by the talented wives of artisanal fishermen.

The pisco hall will be extended to include a new educational area on the varieties of grapes grown in Peru, the production areas, distilling processes, and tasting sessions.


Of course, Mistura 2017 will naturally be featuring a huge selection of the country’s best regional cuisines.

And a finishing touch to the festive air of this event will be the entertainment provided by top musicians and performers.
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