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Paracas: a piece of paradise in the desert
24 Apr 2018, 06:17

A desert of 335,000 hectares and an exceptional maritime zone shapes the Paracas peninsula, one of the rarest and richest ecosystems in the world, which, by its nature, became one of the biggest bets for promoting sustainable tourism in Peru.



Located 260 kilometers south of Lima, the Paracas Reserve is one of the Natural Protected Areas of Peru, and one of the most significant wetlands in the world, where the sea and the desert form a unique landscape and its biological diversity is made up of fauna with 1,543 species among mammals, birds, fish and reptiles.



But this city located very close to the capital is not only a destination to relax, it is also the favorite place for people who love extreme sports. They can find here a special place to paraglide: the Paracas National Reserve. In this landscape, the bravest will fly over the sea with the seagulls and appreciate a unique landscape. 



In addition, tourists who want to continue the adventure can travel approximately 2 hours by car to reach the Huacachina Lagoon in the city of Ica to enjoy the sand in this unforgettable oasis where activities such as tubular carts and sandboarding are ver famous.



Definitely, Paracas has become the favorite desert for those who want to enjoy a city full of adventure and nature.

Article: Clarín Viajes

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