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Top 10 animals of the Manu National Park
20 Oct 2017, 11:36

The Manu National Park, a paradise of nature, an immense amount of animals and plants in one place. The Manu Reserve is located in Peru, between the departments of Cusco and Madre de Dios, with an area of 1,532,806 hectares. This great mine of life is divided into three territories: The National Park, The Reserved Zone and The Transition Zone. Now we will present the most impressive animals found in this jewel of nature.

1. Jaguar (Otorongo)

A majestic feline that belongs to the subfamily of panterinos. A stout animal, with black spots on its orange body. The sharpness of its senses and ability to run have made him the King of Manu.

2. Anaconda

An immense animal of the family of boas (its body can lenght up to 10 meters), of all the snakes is the one that has greater weight. His body is a dark green with black spots.

3. River dogs

An animal that is quite nice and sociable, also known as giant otter. It is carnivorous and lives mainly in rivers and lakes. River wolves usually mobilize in groups of eight.

4. Black Alligator

A fearsome hunter, with its 6 meters can get to devour deer and tapirs in even other large animals. With scales darker than night, it rests near the lakes and freshwater rivers.

5. Emerald Boa

A snake of a rather striking color. Its fangs are more pronounced than other companions of species, in spite of that it is not poisonous, nevertheless a bite can cause a great wound to you. It reaches to a length of 1.8 meters.

6. Maquisapa Monkey

Also known as "spider monkey", this peculiar animal likes to walk in groups of 40 to 50 companions. Its maximum body size is 50 centimeters, but its arms are quite long, hence the reason of its name.

7. Sloth

A rather peculiar mammal that can grow up to 1.7 meters. They are familiar to anteaters and armadillos. Also, they usually live in the trees, their favorite dish is the leaves and buds of the trees.

8. Shansho

Also called hoazin. It is a bird that lives in swampy areas, it is a slender animal. They have a glowing red eyes and measure up to 60 centimeters.

9. Tarantula

A terrifying spider, with a large size for its kind, with a big body and long hariy legs. However, they do not possess any deadly poison.

10. Guacamayo

Belonging to the family of parrots, with an endless variety of colors in their plumage. Its scientific name is Ara. They have a big hook shaped peck that allows them to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and some small animals like amphibians or tiny lizards.

Images: Wikipedia Commons
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