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What to do and where to go in Lima
20 Sep 2019, 17:06

Lima is the capital city of Peru, a cosmopolitan city, attractive and vibrating, a place where modernity, history and a delicious gastronomy are mixed and the result: become one of the main tourist destinations in South America.

Lima is located on the central coast of Peru, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, a city like no other that will offer you a wide variety of attractions to visit for days even for weeks.

So hereby we offer you a list of some things to-do and to-see in Lima, so that you enjoy a wonderful trip and with different itineraries, that’s why we recommend you plan it before travelling and the best way is to contact the experts, as leader travel agency in South America region with specialist agents, best deals in airfares, tourist packages and more.

Visit ancient ruins

Peru is a country that possesses deep cultural roots and offers in its territory the presence of remains of enigmatic villages. In this case, in Lima and its surroundings you will find ruins that will captivate you, such as Pachacamac that is located south of Lima and was built by pre-Inca cultures between 3rd and 15th century, reason why it became an important center of pilgrimage where they used to worship god Pachacamac, the creator of the world.

Other of the ruins to visit in Lima is the Huaca Pucllana, it was built in a zone, that nowadays is Miraflores district, that belonged to Lima culture (200 – 700 a.D.) And you also can visit Puruchuco, in this visit you wil see one of the most beautiful buildings of the pre-Hispanic past of Peru and it is one of the best well-conserved too and it’s located in Ate Vitarte district, it was built during Inca time (1450 – 1532 a.D).

Visit historical sites

With the arrival of the Spanish people to Peru in mid-16th century Lima was founded and becoming the capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru, that is the reason why it shows its legacy on the architecture which main buildings are located in the downtown, among streets of balconies and in the main squares and parks surrounded by cultural heritage monuments.

To be precise, among the most famous historic sites in Lima, there is the San Francisco Convent and its famous catacombs that used to be the largest cemetery of the Viceroyalty and visiting it would be something unforgettable between its passages and tunnels surrounded by hundreds of skulls exposed in spaces built 500 years ago. You also have the Main Square, the Cathedral and Plaza San Martin among the main tourist attraction if Lima.

Taste delicious gastronomy

Peruvian cuisine has been awarded all worldwide thanks to its variety of ingredients that have merged over time, due to the convergence of cultures after the arrival of the Spanish, African slaves and a strong Chinese, French and Japanese immigration.

And as Lima is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean you have, for sure, the best quality and a wide variety of fish and seafood and you also have natural vegetables and fruits. That is why the main dishes of Peruvian cuisine are made with fish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn (ceviche) and you also have quinoa and kiwicha. All of these can be relish at any of the many restaurants in Lima and many of them have been awarded with international prizes.

Adventure Sports

Lima has a long shore and rivers around it; therefore it is the ideal place to practice water and adventure sports, in Pico Alto, La Herradura, El Peñascal or Caballeros beaches, for example, for surfing all year long.

And if you want to getaway of the bustle and hustle of the city, you can go to Pachacamac district where you can hike in the Lomas de Lucumo or visit Lunahuana Valley and enjoy its perfect weather to practice some rafting, canopy or mountain bike riding.

Enjoy its nightlife

And after you have delighted with some of the activities mentioned above during the day, the night is the perfect time for a bohemian getaway  to the most vibrating and fun places in Lima to enjoy its nightlife, as Miraflores, San Isidro, Los Olivos and Barranco.

As an example, in Miraflores, a very cosmopolitan district you will find some of the best restaurants in Lima, and it is the starting point  for a tour through its Malecon and enjoy the sunset, have diner in an awarded restaurant or have a walk along Larco avenue, one of the main streets for shopping in Lima.

But if you are looking for a more bohemian and romantic atmosphere, you should go to Barranco district, home of Peruvian artists of all times. You can not miss a walk by Puente de los Suspiros and the Sanchez Carrion Boulevard with its pubs to enjoy the evening in Lima.


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